Company Profile

  Jiangsu ANXIN Logistic Equipment Co., Ltd is the leading supplier of Automatic warehouse solution in China, who focus on offering professional customer’s needs CONSUTING, PLANNING AND IMPLEMETION. Our Core activity is developing and manufacturing Radio shuttle, Shuttle Mover, Crane, WMS, WCS, Conveyors, mezzanine,and all kinds of other conventional racking system.Our operation are in strict accordance with the requirement of ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Control System. ANXIN’S leading position in logistics is kept by pursuing advanced international and domestic management system and advanced technology.

  ANXIN main business are Modern logistics system integration and engineering general contracting,Logistics system consulting and technical support,Automatic warehouse storage solution such as Radio shuttle, Shuttle Mover, AS/RS, WMS, WCS,and intralogistics conveyor’s design and assemble, whose service areas include dairy products, electricity providers, retail chains, education, clothing, books, food and automotive and other fields.

  “ Professional design, High quality, Good service and quickly feedback” is our aim. Professional methods and means are applied to solve the problem in our projects. Continuous innovation, New challenge, high quality and better service is our develop direction and aim.

  Now we are coming to quickly development period, and aim to export our automatic warehouse storage solution and make a contribution to china logistics technology and equipment.