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Automatic High density rack system

Product description

Automatic High Density Storage System includes shuttle rack, pallet shuttle , pallet mover, mover rail, lift , conveyor, WMS, WCS and etc, which is upgrade version of semiautomatic shuttle racking storage system. This automatic system is controlled by WMS, and pallet shuttle is in charge of transport the pallets in the lanes while the pallet movers transport the pallets to the lift. The pallet shuttle runs together with the pallet mover and lift to mover the pallets to the ground conveyors to complete the whole loading and unloading orders. 


Pallet Mover Advantages:

1)Bar-code positioning, Accurate positioning

2)Large capacity lithium battery power supply for pallet mover, pallet shuttle is charges by pallet mover’s battery, which is charged by electrode in rack.

3)Multiple protection to electrical control system that ensure the operation is enough safe.

4)Imported electric elements for long term life.

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