Shuttle rack

Shuttle Racking system is semi-automatic warehouse storage solution.It is widely used in these 10 years for its low cost and high density storage capacity. 

Usually automatic RSC (radio shuttle cart) and forklifts are used together. The RSC is controlled wirelessly by remote to complete storage of goods. It means storage and transportation of the goods are divided. Goods transportation is done by workers using forklifts. Forklifts will not entry into the storage area but only works at the entrance. The RSC will take the goods to the right position. The operator gives the orders using wireless remote and can stop or cancel it the same way. The palletized goods are placed at the first location at the entrance ,there are first in first out or first in last out two operation mode.

The RSC system is made up of mechanical and electrical systems. Mechanical parts are machine body, lifting, position limit wheels, and driving. Electrical parts are PLC, servo driving system, low voltage electronics, sensors, controller, button single combination and battery.